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Perashat Shelah 5780

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Perashat Shelah 5780

Thursday, June 18, 2020 Author: Rabbi Shlomo Farhi

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Watch Rabbi Shlomo Farhi's Shabbat Shelah Message Here!

This class is dedicated le'ilui nishmat David ben Rena a"h by Carol & Maurice Silvera, for the refuah shelema of Chaya Shefia Shoshana bat Sara by Simone & Danny Hedaya, le'ilui nishmat Benyamin ben Shimshon (and Hannah) Kashi a"h by his niece Ilana Basal, for the refuah shelema of Rose Raisel Chaya bat Chava, and in celebration of the birthday of Ely Levy, may he live a long, healthy and happy life, by his daughter Jamie Sutton.

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