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Perashat Lekh Lekha

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Perashat Lekh Lekha

Friday, October 31, 2014 Author: Rabbi Elie Abadie

Life is a journey.  For some, the journey is long; for others, it is short. At times it is easy, and at times difficult. We start the journey against our will, and we finish it, most of the time, against our will. During our life’s journey, we encounter many smaller journeys, which ultimately help us reach our final destiny. 

Perashat Lekh Lekha relates to us one of the small journeys, although it had a major effect on all of us, of Abram, who became our Patriarch Abraham. Abraham, like all other humans, started his journey of life without being asked. He was born to a mother and father who were part of a society that worshipped innate objects like statues, monuments, the sun and the moon, and other celestial objects. As Abram grew older and began his own life’s journey of research and discovery, he realized that what his parents and their generation were doing was wrong and inappropriate. It took him several years, but eventually he discovered the only real G-d; the G-d that created the universe and all of its hosts. Once Abram and G-d made the connection with each other, G-d communicated with him.  It was at this juncture that Abram’s journey began.  Abram was instructed by G-d to leave his place of birth, his homeland, his country and his father’s household and travel to a land that would be shown to him later.  This took great faith and trust by Abram.  Most of us know the rest of the story; Abram becomes Abraham, the first Patriarch of the Jewish People. Had it not been for that journey to the unknown land, he would not have become who he became. Abraham was correct in heeding G-d’s call.

In our lives, we are almost always faced with journeys that at times we are not sure whether or not to take them. We may be compelled to take that journey for our own betterment, but it is usually after we take the journey that we learn the reasons of having to take it.  Then there are other times when we know exactly why we have decided to take a journey from the outset.  In all journeys, G-d is with us; He knows what is for our betterment and what is not. We have to know when to heed G-d’s call and take that meaningful journey. 

This week our cherished and beloved Director of Operations, Les Bohm, retired from his position, which he held for over 15 years, since the beginning of the construction of our Synagogue. He oversaw how - stone by stone - the Synagogue was constructed, and how person-by-person our Congregation was built. For many of you, he was incognito; you never saw him, you never dealt with him and many of you never even heard his name before. But for the rest of us who were privileged to have known and worked with him, there was never a day that we did not rely on him to make sure we had a fully functioning building, a secure edifice, solid financials, and every other necessity.  Les has always been there for us rain or shine. He gave of himself tirelessly, selflessly, totally and wholeheartedly. Day or night, in person or via a remote location, Les has been concerned about our Synagogue and Congregation. He cared about each and every detail and each and every one of us.  He did it with dignity, love, compassion, and with great Kiddush Hashem. We will miss Les tremendously, and we wish him much success in his next journey in life. He gave a total of over 33 years in devotion to Mr. Edmond J. Safra A”H; 18 at Republic National Bank and 15 in our Synagogue. May G-d bless him and his wonderful wife Pessi and family, and may he always find happiness in each of his future endeavors.  Thank you, Les.

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