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Rabbi's Weekly Message

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Perashat Lekh Lekha

Friday, October 31, 2014 Author: Rabbi Elie Abadie

Life is a journey. For some, the journey is long; for others, it is short. At times it is easy, and at times difficult. We start the journey against our will, and we finish it, most of the time, against our will. During our life’s journey, we encounter many smaller journeys, which ultimately help us reach our final destiny. Perashat Lekh Lekha relates to us one of the small journeys, although it had a major effect on all of us, of Abram, who became our Patriarch Abraham. Abraham, like all other humans, started his journey of life without being asked. He was born to a mother and father who were part of a society that worshipped innate objects like statues, monuments, the sun and the moon, and other celestial objects. As Abram grew older and began his own life’s journey of research and discovery, he realized that what his parents and their generation were doing was wrong and inappropriate. ...


Perashat Noah

Friday, October 24, 2014 Author: Rabbi Elie Abadie

The French like to say, ”Après moi, le déluge”, meaning ”After me, the flood”. The usual use of this expression happens when a person does not care about what will take place after one leaves; ”There may be a flood after one leaves, who cares?”. It is certainly a selfish attitude that demostrates a lack of care about anyone else except oneself. The phrase is used by despots, as well as by leaders who do not care about their country, city, village, company or institution after they leave it. However, it is also used by private people in a careless attitude toward others. ...


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